• Empowering Minds.

    Giving tomorrows generation the tools needed to succeed.
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    Enriching Lives.

  • Meeting Needs.

    Educate, inspire, vision, believe, uplift, develop, support, opportunity, empower, thrive, destiny, believe, achieve, opportunity.
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The Lani Foundation.

LANI FOUNDATION was founded to be an instrument for change in Nigeria, because we believe that by empowering individuals with the skills necessary for them to succeed; they will become catalysts for change in their communities and eventually in the world.

Empowering Minds.

LANI Foundation is dedicated to empowering individuals to fulfil their potentials through education, mentorship, entrepreneurship and to support institutions to facilitate the change.

Featured Projects

The BEE Initiative - An programme designed to reach out tomorrows youth.

Capacity Building

LANI Foundation work to strengthen existing infrastructure through capacity building and training, and we work to create and establish new sustainable programmes through partnerships with fellow NGOs and organisations at the grassroots level because, we believe empowerment is the best way to create lasting change in Nigeria.

How do you get involved?

Drop us an email (info@lanifoundation.org), or use the contact us page.