Nurturing potential … Inspiring change

Enhance_programmeOur mission is to empower individuals to fulfill their potential through education, entrepreneurship and mentorship by facilitating a robust framework that leads to sustainable change in partnership with government and other stakeholders.


What we do

To improve the well being of orphaned, vulnerable children and women through sustainable and replicable interventions that are congruent with local content and best practice.

  • Create awareness and increase literacy levels by developing suitable interventions across developing communities.
  • Build capacity for education and training at the grassroots level that meets the needs of the community.
  • Promote good governance, civic and leadership values globally through the support & development of programmes in conjunction with Government and other organisations.
  • Serve as a platform to build and foster social entrepreneurship as a tool to alleviate poverty and improve living standards in economically & morally deprived communities.
  • Educate, finance, and advocate models that support entrepreneurial growth.
  • Build a platform to promote advocacy & sensitisation of important issues that will foster economic growth and social development.


A philanthropic non-governmental organisation dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable groups, especially women and children through the provision of opportunities that foster their development.